Extended Echo Ranging Aural and Visual Support Trainer


he Extended Echo Ranging (EER) Aural and Visual Support Trainer (AVST) provides signal recognition training for Navy aviation warfare systems operators. EER is an air-deployed active multisensor acoustic system designed for P-3C aircraft. The active system relies on the detection of submarine echoes generated by reflected impulsive acoustic energy generated by underwater sources commanded by the aircraft. Operators, monitoring multiple sonobuoy receivers, attempt to classify any detected echoes. Target recognition, a key element to the success of an EER mission, is complicated by the detection of nontarget echoes, independently generated acoustic transients, and system-induced electrical pops. The AVST provides a database of recorded real-world EER signals tied to automated testing that progressively challenges the operators as their measured proficiency increases. The training software package is hosted on a Navy standard personal computer system and is currently being widely distributed to all patrol aviation squadrons and their associated naval commands. (


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