MPIC and space-time rake detectors on MIMO HSDPA system using generalized Alamouti codes

  • Walid Hakimi, Mahmoud Ammar
  • Published 2011 in 2011 3rd International Conference on Next Generation Networks and Services (NGNS)


It is well known that HARQ technique generates delays du to the retransmissions. Thus, the high speed real time services quality, in High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA), depends on the number of the retransmissions. Motivated by the important diversity that multiple transmitting antennas and multiple receiving antennas (MIMO) can provide, we study the possibility to avoid HARQ retransmissions by using evolved detector as Multipath Parallel Interference Canceller (MPIC) associated to MIMO. Based on generalized Alamouti codes, then, we demonstrate that MIMO 4×4 + MPIC detector could give better performance than MIMO 2×2 Space-time Rake taking into account the HARQ context.


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