Review article: Warnock and surrogacy.

  • Edgar Page
  • Published 1986 in Journal of medical ethics


Page reviews the new edition of the Warnock Committee's report, A Question of Life (New York and Oxford: Blackwell; 1985), which includes an introduction and conclusion by Mary Warnock. He concentrates on the implications of the "Warnock rule," which holds that the woman who gives birth to a child should be considered its legal mother. Page questions the application of this rule to surrogate births, which he deems acceptable despite the Committee's recommendation that they be outlawed. He recommends attitudinal and legal changes that would allow commissioning parents to register a child as theirs before conception by virture of "in utero" gamete donation by the surrogate, who then would gestate the embryo for them. In Page's view, this pre-birth arrangement would avoid violation of the widely-held principle that children are not transferrable.


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